ICU- Infusion Pump

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Weight: 5kg
Dimensions Including pole clamp: Height: 28cm Width 21.5cm Depth: 23.5cm
Operating temperatures: 18º to 40ºC (64º to 104ºF)
Storage/transport conditions: -25º to +55ºC (-13º to +131ºF)
Accuracy: ± 2% of displayed rate and volume to be infused

Programmable options:

Pump Identifier
Drug List
Primary Rate Limits
Primary Volume to be Infused Limits
Secondary / Bolus Rate Limits
Secondary / Bolus Volume to be Infused Limits
KVO Selectable Rate
Occlusion Default
Secondary Stop
Quick Rate Change
Rate Taper
Volume Over Time
Dose-Rate Calculation
Dose-Rate Calculation Recovery
Auto-lock Keypad
Service Date

Infusion Rates

Rate Range Increment
Model 500/3000 0.1 to 99.9 ml/h 0.1 ml/h
1 to 999 ml/h 1 ml/h


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