Optima MS Infusion Pump

The Optima pump is a pump based on the same pumping mechanism as the MVP pump. This pump is intended for the infusion of intravenous agents. They were removed while still working. They are in good condition.

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The Optima pump is equipped with its own keypad and separate displays. It has an internal battery ensuring autonomy of 4 hours minimum for a flow of 125 ml / h. A choice of easily accessible configurations allows optimal use of functions according to the needs of each service.*


infusion modes (micro or macro-infusion), ramp up/ramp down, sequential, induction, bolus, primary/secondary, keyboard lock, KVO, pressure limit, display of drug name, time and hour setting, language, LCD contrast, alarm sound level, ward name, maximum authourised flow rate, air bubble size, recall of last parameters at power ON, display mode, volume cumulating, end of infusion pre-alarm setting.

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