Alaris GW Volumetric Pump

This compact pump makes it easier to treat patients, particularly during patient transfers. The pump design provides many built-in safety features that will assist the healthcare worker in reducing the risks of harm. The Alaris™ GW volumetric pump will save space, help improve efficiency and enhance patient safety.

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While the Alaris™ GW volumetric pump is suited perfectly to standalone use, it also connects with the Alaris™ Gateway Workstation, linking with your clinical information and data management systems.


  • Air-in-line sensor
    The air-in-line sensor provides reliable detection of air in the pump fluid path and therefore helps to reduce the risks associated with accidental air infusion to the patient.
  • Titration mode
    For seamless infusions, this useful mode allows you to change the flow rate without stopping the pump.
  • Free-flow protection
    The built-in flow stop feature helps reduce the risks associated with accidental free-flow.
  • Anti-bolus feature
    The built-in anti-bolus function is designed to reduce the bolus that may occur upon the release of an occlusion, following a downstream occlusion alarm.
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