About us


The landscape

The founders of MediMerchant identified two challenges that the medical equipment sector in South-Africa is facing.

Public hospitals and low-LSM individuals are desperately in need of used/refurbished hospital items while not being able to afford new equipment.

Simultaneously, medical equipment in private hospitals has a definite lifespan and are sidelined when they are no longer needed. At this point, they take up expensive storage space and place an administrative and potentially legal burden on hospital management.

By acting as a catalyst, MediMerchant utilizes the gap by pioneering the concept of re-utilization.

Through our contacts and experience, we are in the unique position to marry supply and demand by refurbishing medical equipment and making it available. As well as managing replaced hospital equipment and furniture in order to offer private hospitals a one-stop service to facilitate social investment.

MediMerchant is a private company licensed to own, handle and transport equipment including redundant x-ray machines.

Management Team

The management team of MediMerchant are experienced in the trade, and committed to service excellence and values its relationships with customers.

Jan Derksen, Co-founder

Jan grew up on a farm in Kroonstad. Subsequent to matriculating from Grey Kollege in Bloemfontein, he obtained an Honours degree in Geology from the University of Stellenbosch and moved to Tanzania to work in remote locations on geological exploration projects.

While living with rural communities, he grew to appreciate and understand the universal benefit of repurposing and the detrimental effect of dumping on the environment. He returned to South Africa in 2015 but still travels to East Africa regularly.

His belief in a system of refurbishment and donation to promote the South African social and environmental wellbeing prompted him to co-found MediMerchant.