Olympus PSD-30 Electrosurgical Unit

Olympus PSD-30 Electrosurgical Unit

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This refurbished Olympus PSD-30 has been designed specifically for electrosurgery through flexible endoscopes and combines advanced cutting & coagulation capability with enhanced safety features. Optimum settings can be quickly selected for both cutting and coagulation output.

Three cutting modes allow optimal cutting and haemostasis

  • Pure: Designed for quick cutting
  • Blend 1: Designed for moderate cutting and haemostasis
  • Blend 2: Designed for cutting with strong coagulation capability

Three coagulation modes provide optimal haemostatic effect

  • Forced: Designed for comparatively strong coagulation and haemostasis
  • Soft: Designed to stop light bleeding - very little tissue carbonization occurs in this mode, so it can be used mark tissue using a snare
  • Auto Stop: Designed to reduce tissue carbonization and invasion. The output is automatically stopped when a certain degree of coagulation has been reached during ’Soft’ mode coagulation.

Comes with a foot switch. No other accessories are included.